Quarry bank mill


Over the weekend we took a little trip to Quarry bank mill, a beautiful working mill owned by the national trust. I am a terrible blogger, we went the day before the gardens opened ( so naturally I will have to visit again ). But there was plenty to keep us happy all afternoon.

The mill itself is a stunning piece of architecture with beautiful sharp lines and beautiful edges.

We took a walk around the mill first which was bursting with characters demonstrating the different processes of milling cotton.


My absolute favourite part of the day was the guided tour around the apprentices house, it was wonderful. Like all national trust staff that I’ve met the guide was incredibly passionate about the property and its history which made it very lovely indeed. He told us stories about each of the rooms and what it would have been like growing up there. For a minute you could forget that you weren’t in the present day.

I don’t want to show you too many pictures from inside because I honestly recommend that you do the tour, it’s truly a little bit special.


Pretty snowdrops

We took a walk through the woods ( although I was so cold, so it was a short walk ).


One of advantages/downfalls of being engaged to a fisherman is that if there is water in a 20 mile radius they will smell it out. And then they will stand there in silence until they spot a fish and then it’s like all their Christmases have come at once.

Very cold and ready for a warm pot of tea and a very large piece of cake we headed home to snuggle up.



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