Crisp winters day


Yesterday was one of those beautiful crisp winter days when you can feel the heat from the sun but the air still has the cool crisp chill in it. With a free afternoon I decided to jump in my car and enjoy the sunshine with a trip to Little Morton hall, which is a beautiful tudor home within the national trust.


Even the ducks were enjoying the sunshine, I can’t till you how much it already feels like spring time, we have been blessed with such a mild winter ( I’m really hoping we have a glorious summer ).

The house itself looks like something out of Alice in wonderland with its crooked lines and interesting shapes. You can read more about the actual history of the house here . Every time I visit the stunning property I see little details I hadn’t noticed before within the actual structure.


Armed with a hot chocolate to stop my fingers from falling off due to the cold air I walked around the pretty little grounds looking for signs of spring.


And enjoying the beautiful golden light as it fell upon the house and its moat. Little Morton hall is the smallest national trust property I have visited but don’t let its little size put you off, there is so much to see and learn about. Not to mention the scones in the cafe ( I could definitely eat 100 of them right now ). One of my favourite things I love about the national trust is definitely it’s staff, all of whom are extremely passionate about what they do and will spend hours talking to you and answering any questions you might have.


Beautiful details


The knot garden.


Beautiful gardens


There was lots going on inside too with it being half term, the halls were filled with the sound of children laughing and proud parents admiring their children’s creations.


This little guy was relaxing by the window. 

Beautiful blue skies and golden sunlight made the house look even more magical.


I had such a lovely day exploring and can’t tell you enough how beautiful the house is or how much I love visiting new national trust sites. I really hope we have a warm summer so I can constantly carry a picnic round with me.


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