Valentine’s weekend


I  am an absolute sucker for Valentine’s day, not for all the presents or grand gestures, but in a time when we are all so busy and probably take each other for granted a little too often, whether it’s a partner, friend or family member. What is so wrong about having a day full of love.

Me and Jamie tell each other everyday how much we love each other and show each other support and respect, so we wanted to spend the weekend just relaxing without having to do any boring adult stuff like paying bills or do housework.

This is technically our first Valentine’s day together as a couple, and I couldn’t be happier or anymore in love if I wanted to be.

We started the weekend with a lazy day visiting quarry bank mill which is a beautiful national trust site near Manchester.

Followed by an afternoon of antique shopping and late lunch, at the moment we are redecorating our whole house and are constantly looking for new bits to decorate with.

Not forgetting our beautiful boy, we took him on a extra long walk in the countryside.

We spent Sunday relaxing at home together, now this might not seem like a very romantic weekend together but to me it was absolutely perfect. I only have one more weekend with him at home before he is away at weekends for the rest of the year. He did cook me dinner, he cooked a healthy version of fish and chips with avocado which tasted like heaven he is such a wonderful cook.

What did you do over Valentine’s weekend?



  1. lifeasunusuals
    February 15, 2016 / 8:54 pm

    Sounds like the perfect Valentines day to me! I love simple days and weekends like this. My husband and I had a similar weekend, we went for a hike on Saturday in the pouring rain and then on Sunday we relaxed, I read a book and he played some games then in the evening we went to a concert. It was a pretty good Valentines weekend, despite not really doing any of these things for Valentines haha.

    What a gorgeous little pup you’ve got there too!!

    ~ K

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