Fitness Friday // 001


So this week has definitely had its ups and downs, I started the week with a very nasty trip to the dentist which left me in bed for two days feeling sorry for myself. I also ate a little too much cake which left me with an awful sugar headache. So as you can imagine it all left me feeling a little miserable add to the fact I was having one of those all this hard work I’m doing and nothing is changing moments. I spent two days in bed recovering and then I had to decide to fight through it or just give up and eat doughnuts.

Luckily I woke up headache free and mostly pain free, pulled on my trainers and got my butt to the gym. At this point I don’t think giving up is even an option for me. In fact I’ve been the gym more than I normally would, that couple of self pity days was just what I needed to motivate myself again.

Glorious, glorious exercise!


With my new found enthusiasm for the gym I decided I would try aqua aerobics and I dragged a friend along for the giggles. Now I know what your thinking that’s not a workout it’s just a bunch of older ladies splashing around in a pool. And yeah there was a lot of older ladies there but if done correctly it is definitely a workout.

Between lifting weights, four spin classes and two hiit classes a week I wanted something a little more low impact and to be honest fun to mix my routine up and keep me smiling in the gym. For the first ten minutes of the class we giggled like naughty school girls as we found our balance and got our limbs under control ( picture two baby octopuses trying to swim for the first time ). It would seem you get out the class what you put in, I noticed a few ladies just padding around and that’s ok exercise should be fun and some movement is better then none. However I really went for it and after 15 minutes of running in the water I thought my legs were going to drop off. I can’t see aqua aerobics being a long term class for me ( I think after my body gets used to it there won’t be a lot of advantages to going ). But certainly for now it’s a fun class and a change for me. I’m going to give it a good go and will let you know if I notice any body changes.

Glorious food!

After my trip to the dentist I was unable to eat solid foods for a few days, still wanting to make sure I got all my vitamins and nutrients in to my diet I opted for liquid lunches.

I’m such a fan of a good homemade smoothie, they are full of goodness and super refreshing ( although I never buy them pre made from shops, as they are usually full of hidden sugars and nasty extras ).

Green smoothie

1 banana
Half a pineapple, cubed
Half a mango, cubed
Two hand culls of spinach
400ml coconut water

Mix all the ingredients in a blender with a little ice ( optional ) and enjoy.

Berry smoothie

1 banana
3 handfuls of berries ( I use a mix of frozen berries )
400ml Almond milk
1 tbsp Flexseed ( optional )

Mix all the ingredients in a blender and enjoy.


Goals for next week!

  1. Try another new exercise class.
  2. Write about lifting weights on next weeks blog post.
  3. Try some new/different fruits.
  4. Drink more water ( this is something I still struggle with )


Those glorious feelings!

I was slightly worried that when my fitness challenge ended last week so would my drive to be fitter. Luckily it hasn’t, I just keep reminding myself that I’ve done the hard part I have started and I’ve kept at it for 13 weeks now. That puts me 13 weeks closer to my goal. And this makes me happy and keeps me fighting towards my goal of being fitter and stronger.

What exercise classes you go to? Would you recommend them?


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