The truth about fitness


I have just completed a twelve week fitness challenge which I set myself in a bid to get a little healthier and maybe lose a bit of weight, you can take a little peak at my challenge here . I really wanted to write a truly honest post on the truth about fitness and what I have learnt in the last twelve weeks.

A quick overview first tho!

Before my challenge-

  1. I never drank any water.
  2. I ate far too much sugar.
  3. I couldn’t do any cardio for my than 10 minutes.
  4. I was size 14/16.
  5. I had lost all my body confidence.


  1. I drink three litres of water a day.
  2. I have cut out all artificial sugar ( I only get sugar from fruit ).
  3. I do five 45 min cardio classes a week as well as weight training.
  4. I am size 10/12
  5. I have a lot more body confidence and now wear more fitted clothing.

From left to right ( top then bottom ) are pictures of me during my twelve weeks and I think my weight lose is most visible in my cheeks I had a much rounder, fuller face at the start.

So the truth is this you CAN NOT get super fit or get that dream body in twelve weeks unless you were already fit and healthy at the start. Don’t worry tho because what you do get is an extreme motivation to continue, you have done all the hard work, you have changed your lifestyle and you know you are twelve weeks closer to your ultimate goal. I think in a world of social media and the internet that promise you that holiday body in two weeks or just five wraps to your ideal body, super foods, diets with points that promise you can eat what you want, fat busting teas and an endless display of images waking up with perfect abs it can all get a little confusing and very expensive. When really that old adage of eat less and move more is still the best way to improve your health.


I was extremely focused during the entire challenge, I ate clean everyday allowing myself one cheat meal a week and exercising at least five times a week and all I lost was 16lbs and this is one of the biggest challenges you have to overcome, yes 16lbs doesn’t seem a lot specially with all the hard work I put in ( over Christmas the only day I didn’t go the gym was Christmas day ). But I have gained a stronger body and made great lifestyle changes, when I started I couldn’t peddle a bike for five minutes now I go four spin classes a week I can lift weights I never imagined I would be able to. My stomach is so much flatter and my muffin tops gone. I don’t crave or want junk food.

Now if you are thinking about getting healthier but the gym scares the hell out of you, hears a little secret for you everyone in the gym wants you to win. Of course I was worried about going the gym I was worried people would laugh at me or that I would look incredibly stupid but the truth is that in the twelve weeks that’s at least 60 gym visits I only experienced one person who thought he was clever by putting others down, only one you probably see one bully everyday in everyday life. I found that people just want to help you, when I have been in classes and feeling like I couldn’t go on the other people in the class cheered me on. Or when I wasn’t sure about a piece of equipment people stopped their workouts to show me. Of course I still worry from time to time but then I remember who cares I’m doing this for me that for someone I don’t even know. What I would recommend is asking different gyms for a trail membership so you can try them out before committing, I tried two others before deciding on mine there’s no point joining if it doesn’t feel right for you.


Another aspect I worried about before starting was eating healthy is going to be really expensive. Truth is you don’t need all the super foods or the lasted fads you just need to head to the fruit and veg aisle. Most of us don’t think twice about stopping at a fast food chain and paying £5 for a meal that leaves you feeling hungry after a hour but at a big chain supermarket for £5 I can get a pineapple, 5 golden delicious apples, 5 bananas, 5 kiwi fruits, a mango and a bag of tangerines for £5 and there is no way you could eat all that in one sitting. Don’t get me wrong at the start I was wasting money and food because I wasn’t planning my meals I was just going and filling my trolley. But I quickly learnt that if you just take 30 minutes to sit down and plan your meals for a week you can save money and have no waste.

Here is just some of the foods I have been eating, notice how colourful it is like a rainbow and most importantly no beige or fried food. As the weeks went on my taste buds changed dramatically I stopped craving fatty foods and started wanting fish. Once I cut out all the processed food I was able to listen to my body’s needs some days I really wanted salt and others I craved meat most of all I just wanted nice healthy ingredients.


Not everyone wants to see you win and that’s ok because you are getting fit for you. I have been super blessed with Jamie he is my number one fan and has been nothing but supportive. He never complains that I go bed early every night or get up at 5am, or that I don’t want to go out partying he doesn’t complain that there is no junk food in the house or that the bedroom is covered in gym clothes. What he does do is cheer me on through those last few reps and tell me every day that I am beautiful. But a lot of people close to me are not quite so supportive not out meanness but more of a lack of understanding. All I hear all day long is but just one won’t hurt well no one wouldn’t hurt but the fact that “just one” happens four or five times a day will hurt. I go bed every night at 10pm even on the weekend so I can get up at 5am to workout and a lot of people get a little frustrated about me not wanting to stay out late. What’s important is to do what’s best for you and your goals because it’s only you that will be disappointed.

The future

I am closer to the body I want but not there yet and honestly I think it will take me another six months to get there and I’m ok with that because I know I can do it and more importantly I’m doing it the right way I’m not looking for a quick fix or following some crazy fad diet I’m improving my fitness and health I’m doing this for a stronger future and its better to spend the next six months working hard than doing a quick fix every few months.

Although this blog feature was going to finish this week I have decided to keep it going, I want to continue posting honest posts about the highlights and the struggles of getting fit. I also want to sharing healthy recipes, new gym classes and my favourite workout wear. Most importantly if there is something you want to read about or want me to try out just comment below and I will do my absolute best.

So many of you lovely followers have sent me so many incredible messages and comments of support and love which makes me so happy and I just want to say a big thank you



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