Breakfast, antiques & ice cream, oh my!


Jamie is away about 42 weekends of the year so as you can imagine when he tells me he’s staying at home I get very excited. Over the past weekend Jamie has been spoiling me rotten taking me to all my favourite places and most importantly not complaining while I search around every used book store in a 30 mile radius.

Every date starts with a ridiculous number of selfies generally getting weirder and weirder. I love his face I can’t help but take pictures when he’s so handsome and I’m so happy.

Jamie knows that I can’t function without breakfast or without eating every two hours ( seriously I’m an expensive girlfriend when it comes to food, but apparently Jamie fell for me after watching me conquer an all you can eat Chinese restaurant ).  I am having a serious love affair with tea at the moment and nothing beats giggles over a big pot of tea.


As soon as we saw the menu we knew exactly what we wanted and here it is in all its beautiful glory. In case you were wondering we had breakfast in Ginger & pickles in Nantwich ( one of my favourite little spots ). So the top tier had toast on it, middle is cooked breakfast items, we had tomatoes, mushrooms and bacon. The bottom tier had a egg and salmon bagel, bacon sandwich and a sausage sandwich. Seriously everything should be served on cake stands.

Ok I can’t remember the last time I had jam on toast and it was like eating heaven, seriously heaven. From now on jam and toast is going to be on my cheat day menu every week.


One good thing about shops no longer giving out shopping bags is that there is some really pretty reusable bags coming out. This is my favourite at the moment and its from the British heart foundation so not only are you not buying plastic bags but you are helping a charity too.

After breakfast we wandered around a local farmers market looking for lunch ( seriously I never stop eating ). I love farmers markets you can discover so much local goodness and items you had no idea about.


Look at the size of these carrots!!

All that wandering around looking at food made me hungry for ice cream ( I am the luckiest girl ever we live near three ice cream farms ). I told you today was an amazing day.

Ice cream is definitely one of my main food groups and possibly the best food ever! My new years resolution was to try as many flavours of ice cream possible and now I can tick clotted cream and raspberry pavlova off my list.

We ended our perfect date by browsing antique shops and spending a little too much money, oops. I had a seriously perfect weekend I’m so lucky to have Jamie in my life and can’t wait to have him home for another weekend.


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