Fitness challenge week twelve


Week twelve wow, technically this is the final week of my fitness challenge which you can check out here . I will be doing an overall post and talking about my next challenge on here next week ( I’m very excited ). So week twelve has had its ups and downs mainly ups but sometimes the downs really get you down. One thing is for sure now I’m on the road to fitness I certainly won’t be going back to my old habits.

Glorious food


This week has been extremely colourful and very filling, eating clean has taught me that it’s not about eating less, you don’t need to be depriving yourself or feeling constantly hungry you just need to eat better. Because my weight hasn’t changed in a couple of weeks I thought I’d add some different foods to the mix such as soup and meat. I still try and keep most meals 80% fruit and vegetables and 20% carbs or protein but it really is all about just works for you.


There has been a little cheat day ( I have a cheat day once a fortnight, which is usually just a cheat meal ). Normally I don’t really crave anything other than fruit and vegetables but when I want something sweet I don’t deprive myself of it or else I’d go insane. When me and Jamie started dating we could go out at all hours to find anywhere open that served cake and sit there trying them all while chatting and giggling away. Although the amount of cake we sample is a lot less this is still our favourite date and something I hope we never lose.


Glorious glorious exercise


I have been the gym five times this week which believe me has been a challenge there are definitely mornings when I’d rather just roll over and go back to sleep but luckily a little voice instead me keeps pushing me to work harder. I have continued using free weights as well as my cardio classes, cardio keeps me fit but I strong weights make me feel.


Not forgetting all my long walks I have with Dave, I love going to the gym but you can’t beat long walks with a doggie and breathing in the fresh air. Me and Dave walk for about 28 hours a week down country lanes and across fields.


Those glorious feelings

I feel amazing I’m still not missing my old lifestyle, although it’s only been twelve weeks since starting my new lifestyle habits it actually feels like a lifetime now. I have so many good habits now like drinking water, doing exercise and cutting out sugar. One of the best feelings I’ve had this week is how much Jamie truly supports me, he never complains about my early nights ( I go bed every night at 10pm even on the weekends ) or the early mornings ( I wake at 5am every morning ). He doesn’t complain that I don’t drink or that I spend hours in the gym or food prepping. He does however tell me how proud he is everyday, help me up the stairs when my legs have gone to jelly and pushes me every day to be better than I was the day before.


Don’t forget to keep an eye out next week for a my next challenge and see how much I lost with this challenge.


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