Winter walk


In my twenties I was more than happy to spend my free time indoors internet shopping and relaxing, however since hitting my thirties all I want to do is be outside, I changed my belief system just before my big 30 birthday and now I’m more happy and at peace when I’m close to nature.


Since Christmas with a mixture of January blues and the cold of winter I’ve not really gone out much and has it left me feeling absolutely awful, I’ve been all out of sorts. So I decided I would spend as much of my weekend out of doors as possible.

I wake up Saturday morning to blue skies and a lovely warm breeze so I pulled on my wellies, jumped in the car and headed to Biddulph gardens in Staffordshire for a lone morning walk. As much as I love nature I also love time on my own, long walks alone gives me much needed me time to relax and reflect.


Beautiful lake, unfortunately you can not walk around the house ( but you can certainly imagine what it would be like to live there, I had total house envy ).


Certainly not the most flattering picture of me but I actually love the hood on this coat, it makes me feel like my head is a giant flower.


Beautiful shades of green, it was so strange to work around these gardens it certainly didn’t feel like winter but more like a hybrid season of Autumn and Spring I will call it auting. A lot of the golden leaves of Autumn were still holding onto trees and bushes but flowers had started to come through the ground.


I’m so excited for spring, I love the dark nights in November and December however by January I’ve had enough and long for those long light summer evenings.


I found this beautiful cottage hidden in the woods, how wonderful would it be to live here, think snow white and the seven dwarfs cottage.

One of my favourite gardens on the estate is the Chinese gardens, such a pretty, hidden space.


Hidden woodland walk.

I spent hours walking around taking in the fresh winter air and admiring the beautiful shades of green, I got lost in my own little world enjoying the peace and quite.


Feeling much calmer and relaxed I headed home for a warm cup of cocoa and a hot bath.


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