I’m a big boy now!


Hello all of mummies blog readers I thought I’d give mummy a rest today as I’ve been walking her like crazy recently and daddy drives her round the bend, so we decided to let her have a little treat and rest, I might even rub her belly later.



Now I’m sure you all had it marked in your planners that recently I celebrated a very big birthday recently ( dog treats in the post, right! ). I turned the big four which means I’m no longer a little puppy anymore I’m a big boy now ( although mummy insists I’m still her puppy ).

For my birthday mummy let me pick where to walk her and naturally I wanted to go and find the field with the most mud in it and it didn’t take me long to sniff one out! I was paw deep in mud. Mummy is always putting mud on her face to help her look young so this will definitely help me keep my puppy good looks.


This looks like a good path to take and those muddled look nice and deep.


Hello there!! This is muddy but I could be dirtier! If I’m having a bath then I want to make sure it’s worth it.


Yeah, now this is muddy!! This is my happy face. I’m a very lucky doggy I get all the walks and treats I want, I even spotted a birthday cake in the kitchen ( I had a little nibble on it when no one was looking )


All home and bathed ( daddy used a honey shampoo which smells a little girlie ) I’m a big dog now I need big dog shampoo, maybe one that smells like grass. Now time to chill and have a little snooze.

Thank you for stopping by mummies little corner of the internet and in case you missed my birthday this year don’t forget to make a note of it for next year!

Paws & tail wags




  1. February 10, 2016 / 5:15 pm

    Dave is so gorgeous! Lots of personality too – I can tell 🙂

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