Off to the zoo we go!


Jamie really wanted to come the zoo with me and my papa bear last week unfortunately he was away, so this week I surprised him with a trip ( we will pretend I am a good girlfriend and this act was totally selfless, but honestly I really wanted to go back ). You can read about last weeks trip here and see why I don’t support all zoos.


We woke up to a thick layer of ice and a minus temperature, we decided to brave the cold anyway in the search of animals. I wrapped up super warm with lots of layers, in fact I had so many layers on at one point I couldn’t bend arms ( I am a serious girl when it comes to the cold ).


First stop ( well first stop after coffee, naturally ) we headed to the butterfly house, where a butterfly landed on Jamie ( honestly it’s like going out with doctor dolittle ). I was extremely jealous at this!

Not wanting to hurt his new friend Jamie placed him on a near by leaf, how can you tell what sex a butterfly is?


We met this beautiful female stick insect ( I named her sticky ) .


One thing about going out with a fisherman is that they can smell out a fish in a 30 mile radius, so of course we had to take  very long look at the fish. My inner five year old had to shout out (extremely loud) I found nemo, and he was very pretty.


Here is some big belly seahorses and I soon fell in love with them. If I was an animal I would be one of these little beauties.


*insert monkey, family relation joke here


Turtles are quickly becoming my favourite animals at the zoo, I could watch them all day long. They move so gracefully and those little legs, I could eat them all up.

Jaguars being super cute and in love, it’s so incredible to see them up close.

Some hidden reptiles, I would love a snake but Jamie isn’t a fan so all I can do is visit them.


One of the reasons I visit Chester zoo and not other zoos is the amount of room and attention to details given to each enclosure. I have been to zoos in the past that have made my heart break, now I fully research before I visit a zoo and would only ever consider paying for zoos who 100% put the animals first.


Painted dogs being all cute and sleepy, five little doggies keeping warm.


All tired, happy and so cold we headed home for a big cup of tea and a night snuggled up with a movie.


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