Lions & tigers & bears, oh my!


Over the weekend me and my daddy spent the day together wondering around Chester zoo ( I’m not going to lie, whenever I go out with my dad I revert back to a little girl ). I’m extremely passionate about animal welfare and always research a zoo before I visit, I most definitely do not want to be giving money to any one who doesn’t have the animals welfare as their main property.


You can read about some of the wonderful campaigns and research the zoo take part in  here . One of my absolute favourite aspects about the zoo is the size of each enclosure, with the animals having plenty of room and simulation.

I sat patiently waiting for a glimpse of a jaguar and just when I thought I wouldn’t see one, I saw two. It’s such an amazing feeling being so close to these beautiful animals.


After days and days of rain it came as a welcomed surprised to have a dry day despite the cold ( winter is definitely coming ). In fact the weather was beautiful, the sky was bright blue and the air had a lovely crisp to it.

The butterfly house is my favourite enclosure, the second I walk through the curtains I become a princess surrounded by hundreds of beautiful butterflies. It is such a wonderful way to get closer to nature.


This is my favourite picture of the day, I adore the reflection in the image.

Although elephants are my favourite animal ( and have been for as long as I can remember ) giraffes have become a very close second, they look so elegant and have a beautiful pattern.

Some pretty but overlooked animals, me and my papa bear spent hours and hours just laughing and renaming all the animals. And even with the cold weather managed to eat a rather large ice cream.


I must have had about half a dozen layers on trying to keep warm ( not the most flattering picture of myself but I try not to wear make up at the weekend ).


Flamingos ALWAYS remind me of Alice in wonderland, croquet anyone??


Islands at Chester zoo has opened with some animals in it, it’s such a beautiful addition to the zoo with lots to see and experience. I can’t wait for the area to be fully finished, although whenever I go to it I end up getting lost and wondering around in circles.


I had such a lovely day with my dad, sometimes it’s nice to be and act like the child again. He bought me membership to the zoo so we can spend lots more days together hanging out. I can’t wait for the summer and taking a picnic with us.

What’s your favourite animal? And do you have a special place you go with your dad?


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