Fitness challenge week nine


This week has been a much better week than last week, I have found my energy again and been back in full swing. I have even signed up to do my first 5k run over the summer, which is such a big step for me and I couldn’t be more excited about it. My local park does a 5k run every Saturday which is more for fun and can even be done walking so as soon as spring starts I will be doing it every Saturday til I’m good. Until then I will be doing short distances on the treadmill.

Glorious food


This week I have been a woman on a mission when it comes to eating clean. Every day I write down exactly what I eat, not to count calories but to see if my diet is lacking anything important. And I have noticed that I’m not eating near enough fibre or leafy greens. So I filled my fridge with kale and spinach and got myself some flaxseed, I feel like I’ve not stopped eating all week.


Fish has made an appearance in at least two of my meals every day, I just can’t get enough of it at the moment. I have also managed to include a couple of green smoothies into my week.


A little treat food, all though I have notice that my tastes have changed dramatically, I couldn’t eat much of the brownie and cream as it was just too sweet for me now.


My beautiful fridge looking extremely green, poor Jamie just has half a little shelf for his food.

Glorious, glorious exercise


I have been to the gym five times this week which included four spin classes and two hiit classes ( which almost killed me ) . I have also managed two at home workouts when I didn’t have much time. I am definitely back on track and super excited about the gym again, although some days id rather stay in bed.


My amazing new pants, Jamie treated me to some new workout clothes as most of mine are getting two big now.

Goals for week ten!!

  1. Keep eating lots of vegetables.
  2. Try another new exercise class.
  3. Keep eating lots of fish.
  4. Start training for my 5K


Those glorious feelings.

This week I have felt amazing, although I’ve lost no weight I have lost inches from my waist and after only nine weeks I have gone from wearing size 14/16 trousers to buying my first pair of size 10s which makes all my hard work worth it. My skin is improving every week and I have rarely feel tired. I’m excited about the possibilities of my fitness and excited to be doing a 5K run, I’m hoping to run a marathon in 2017. I can even bench press 40kgs and leg press 120kgs. My body is getting so strong and toned.


This fitness challenge was all about taking better care of myself and recently I have noticed that bleaching has damaged my hair so much. So this week I decided to stop bleaching and go a little darker to help my hair repair itself, after all its taking care of myself.





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