A day in the city


Possibly my favourite aspect of living in England is you are always so close to so many different worlds, where I live I’m 40 minutes from three major cities, 30 minutes from two beautiful castles and 15 minutes from stunning countryside. Everyday you can enjoy something very different.


So when my brother asked if I would like to spend the day wandering around Liverpool’s beautiful museum’s I jumped at the chance for a day in the city and a whole day with my little brother. You might want to grab a big mug of tea as I went a little crazy with the pictures.


Weeping window, these are some of the poppies that were first seen at the Tower of London in 2014 and are now on tour around the country. Here they are looking absolutely stunning at St George’s Hall.


I absolutely adore Liverpool’s beautiful architecture, here is a library and two museums, I mean how beautiful are these buildings?! Luckily despite it being cool the weather stayed dry and not too windy.


Sorry about all the pictures of buildings, but they are really pretty.


We saw some dinosaurs just standing around.


We stopped and had dinner at a popular chicken restaurants, after so much walking and culture we worked up a rather large appetite.


After lunch we headed over to the iconic Albert Docks and enjoyed even more museums, the maritime and slavery museums were my favourites

I don’t want to spoil the museum’s for you as they are well worth a visit or two.


Pretty Albert dock

So many beautiful buildings scattered around the city and by the afternoon there was even a little winter sun.


I was a super sleepy happy girl on the train home and in desperate need of a hot bath and a very early night.


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