Hole in one!


Me and Jamie don’t drink and very rarely go to the pub, so we are always looking for new ideas for date night. So when we were invited to play some mini golf at paradise island adventure ( at cheshire oaks, only 20 minutes from our home ) we couldn’t get there quick enough. Me and Jamie are both highly competitive so this was a perfect way for us to spend some time together ( and for me to try and get one over him ). Sorry about some the pictures, the lighting was all low and cosy, great for golf and giggles not so great for my camera.


As soon as we walked in the wager was set, the loser was to buy dinner ( after Christmas shopping I’m pretty poor so was in desperate need of winning ).


Paradise island adventure golf is made up of two 18 hole courses, that’s up to 36 holes worth of gloating.


So I was seriously kicking Jamie’s butt during the first course, and doing some serious gloating, even performing a little victory dance after each hole, by the 15th hole I was already deciding how many scoops of ice cream a winner deserves at dinner.


We couldn’t resist this picture, it certainly made the couple playing behind us giggle.


I didn’t see this face in this picture til I got home, it’s a little scary and I’m still wondering if it was there!


There it is again! ( I’m a big girl when it comes to things like this ).

With a very comfortable lead ( I was kicking Jamie’s butt ) we started the second course, all I had to do was keep my lead.


Which apparently wasn’t so easy, and I’m a terrible loser, by the 10th hole my bottom lip was out and Jamie was in full gloating mood.


By the last hole I had well and truly lost, I might be smiling here but there was some silent holes, and a lot of sulking at Jamie not losing on purpose.


We had some serious fun, and it’s absolutely moments like this we will remember for a very long time, we giggled, I cried, we chased each other round and did a little dancing.

I’ve already challenged him to a rematch and we can’t wait to return. It is such a cheap way to enjoy a date night, or have a giggle with friends and family. If you are interested and I highly recommend you give it ago you can find out more here . And let me know if you won or lost.

In true gentleman form Jamie still bought dinner ( think he felt sorry for me ) .




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