Fitness challenge week eight!


This has been the hardest week for me, I have thought about giving up a couple of times. But I gave myself a pep talk and managed to convince myself that I was just feeling low after all the excitement of Christmas, not to mention the absolutely awful weather we are having at the moment. The important thing is despite a couple of cheat days I’ve not given up, I have pushed myself through the pain. And am desperately hoping that next week I’m back to full motivation in the gym and with my diet. If you are new to my little corner of the internet and are wondering what I’m going on about, you can read about the fitness challenge I set myself here .

Glorious food


This week I’ve been about 80% good, but I’ve had a couple of pieces of chocolate and on my lowest day I had MacDonald s. I’ve tried really hard not to beat myself up about it and not to go on a full binge day but it’s been hard, I know one bad meal doesn’t ruin all my hard work but I also know that it would be really easy to slip back into old habits.

One way I have been super good this week is that I have had at least one piece of oily fish a day, including mackerel which I absolutely hate but am slowly getting used to, very slowly. I have never been a fish eating person but I am trying incredibly hard to add it into my daily date. Expect for the MacDonalds I have gone back to not eating meat, as over Christmas I ate far too much and was starting to feel the effects.


Glorious, glorious exercise


So this week has been my worst week at the gym yet, I’ve seriously lacked any motivation. All I’ve done is spin classes as I knew once I started I wouldn’t be able to walk out. And to be fair after each class I did feel a bit better but not enough to get excited about the gym again.

Goals for week nine!

  1. Keep drinking more water.
  2. Try a new exercise class.
  3. Try a couple of swimming sessions.
  4. Keep eating lots of oily fish.


Those glorious feelings

Despite it being a bad week, it wasn’t as bad as a good week in my old lifestyle. I have now lost 14lbs and a dress size, it was exciting to buy some new clothes in a smaller size. It’s definitely been a week of mixed emotions, one I’m happy to be out of now. I have four weeks left of this fitness challenge and I’m hoping to drop another dress size by the end of it. Goodbye week eight, week nine please be kind to me.



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