So long 2015


I know this is a ridiculously long blog post, don’t worry this is the last bit, if you have missed the earlier parts you can find them here and here. My year truly did go from strength to strength and these are by far my favourite, happiest months of 2015. I am so looking forward to 2016 I have lots of little projects and ideas to work through. Me and Jamie will be planing our wedding, just a really exciting time. It definitely wasn’t til the start of 2015 that my life finally changed and I got everything I could have ever of dreamed of, it just took 30 years to find me.


With Jamie being away so much the time we spend together is priceless and we make the most out of every second we have together. We try and spend two days a week outdoors exploring the world. This year we have discovered so many new places together, places that hold some wonderful memories for us.


Autumn is my absolute favourite season, this year has been unseasonably warm which meant we have been able to spend much more time outdoors exploring. In October we added two goldfish Bert and Ernie to our family which we won at the fair. Jamie does all the fun geeky things that I love doing with me without ever questioning why I do them, hopefully we are teaching each other new things.


In November we added Bambi and Thumper to our ever growing family, at times ( most of the ) it’s like living in a zoo. My blog has grown more then I could have ever imagined and I’m very much looking forward to its future and trying some wonderful new ideas in 2016.


Me and Jamie got engaged this month, so as you can imagine December was my favourite month by far. My life has changed so much in the last 12 months it’s hard to believe that this is my life, part of me is waiting to wake up from this fabulous dream. I can only hope that the following year is as kind to me as the last, fingers crossed that my life continues to grow and go from strength to strength. I can’t wait to be looking back over 2016.

I hope you had an amazing 2015 too, what made your year so special?


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