Goodbye 2015


Oh my goodness I can’t believe today is the last day of 2015, I wanted to share some of my favourite memories of the past year ( because I don’t want to bore you too much, I’ve split this into 3 posts over the next two days ). 365 days ago I spent new years eve at home alone wondering if my life would ever get any better, I had just gotten over my divorce, I was in a job that made me cry on a daily basis. I was living in a houseshare with three other people, I lost most of my friends in the divorce. Fast forward one year and I could never have imagined how different my life would be.

I have used pictures from my instagram accounts and as the year goes on you can see how much happier I’ve became, during the start of the year I took very few pictures and the ones that I did were so dark. If 2016 is half as good as 2015 I will be one happy girlie indeed.


Sorry about the grainy pictures, turns out I spent January in a lot of dark bars. Sarah ( the beautiful lady in the pictures with me ) was one of my housemates and has turned out to be a really good friend and luckily for me has just bought her first house around the corner from me. I spent most of 2014 hidden away crying and Sarah got me out socialising again, we also spent a lot of Sunday’s recovering on the sofa together.


Me and Jamie starting dating in January but certainly didn’t become serious til April, but we certainly enjoyed each other’s company and enjoyed lots of date nights. I had my chest tattooed which was a big decision, February was the month when I really started looking after my health and fitness. I slowly started getting my confidence back and enjoyed more time with my family and friends.


In Jamie I found a boyfriend with a sweeter tooth than mine, most of our dates revolved around cake and ice cream. We started out as friends and he very quickly became my best friend, we did everything together and was always giggling. I started spending more and more time outdoors enjoying the fresh air which was a much welcomed change from the previous year.


By April I was starting to feel like me again and more importantly I had started to make some new friends. I had started to learn to horseradish which was a childhood dream. April was a lovely warm month and I think I spent everyday outside on long walks with Jamie and Dave.


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