Farewell 2015


Here is part two of my 2015, you can take a peek at part one here . With a bit of a rocky start to the year my world definitely changed for the better over the summer. I moved out of my houseshare, fell in love and finally had some really nice friends. 2015 definitely had a summer to remember.


In May me and Jamie moved in together and started to build our happy little life together. We enjoyed such a fun month with lots of trips around the UK with Dave and discovered how lucky we were to have found each other.


In June I lost my grandmother to a long battle with cancer, it was such an awful time for my family but luckily for me I have a wonderful boyfriend and amazing friends who helped me through it. Jamie also turned 30 and gave me the chance to meet everyone he had ever known at his birthday party.


July was a very special month for me I meet Jen a beautiful woman I met on instagram who had helped me through my darkest hour. I flew to America to thank her in person and spent an amazing month exploring North and South Carolina with her. It’s a month I will never forget, Jen is one of my closest friends and I can’t wait to go back next year for a visit. July was also the month I started this little blog something I had wanted to do for a very long time.


August was such a special month for me, after a month away I came back to a family whom had missed me. Mine and Jamie’s relationship became stronger than ever. There is no way I could leave him for so long ever again. Jamie’s biggest passion is carp fishing, he goes away four nights a week to do it and in August took me along for a long weekend to watch him. Ok so carp fishing doesn’t sound so exciting but watching how passionate he is about the sport was extremely exciting. I beg him all the time to take me again.


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