December’s happy little things


I’m such a firm believer in looking for the little things in life, those little moments most people miss or are to busy to really notice. Happiness isn’t those big moments that are few and far between like new job, car, house. Happiness is those small moments that don’t really mean much at the time like Sunday morning lay ins, coffee with friends and long walks in the country. Everyday I make sure I notice at least one moment, and before I know it, it’s the end of the month and I have had 31 happy moments. Here is what made me happy in December, you can take a peek at what made me happy in November here and here .


We got engaged which is absolutely the highlight of December for me, and definitely the happiest day of 2015 for me. I have found my soul mate in Jamie and am over the moon to be marrying him, I’m so excited. I can’t wait to start planning our wedding together and become his wife.

Although I know Jamie hates cities he took me to Manchester for the Christmas markets, the fact that he was willing to do that for me made me extremely happy.

Jamie surprised me with a personalised Christmas tree decoration, it was so incredibly sweet and romantic. Jamie is much more romantic than me, these little moments make me want to be a better girlfriend and try a little harder to show my sensitive side.

Finding a hour or two to curl up with a book is my idea of heaven but recently I’ve not had enough free time to do it. So I was very excited to find a free evening to read.


I’m not a very strong swimmer but have been trying to get a little better so I was very proud of myself when I managed to swim further than I have ever before.

My first Christmas drink, I still get very excited when coffee shops bring out there Christmas drinks, specially when they come in super cute cups.

Hot chocolate and elf slippers, these slippers are amazing and whenever I wear them Dave follows me around trying to eat them.

Me and Jamie went to a comedy club on a date, we laughed so much, it was a perfect way to spend Sunday evening and nothing makes me happier than seeing Jamie laugh.


Christmas chocolate is my favourite chocolate, it tastes the same as normal chocolate but it looks ten times cuter. By far these reindeer & Santa chocs are the cutest I have seen this year. There is something special about unwrapping cute little chocolates.

New books, I’d happily buy books over clothes there is something wonderful about bring new books home and caring for them. It’s as if I am recusing them from the big bad world.

There has been some beautiful sunrises this month, I love waking up before the rest of the world to watch the sky come alive.

December is the only month that I don’t mind the early dark nights, I love walking through the streets and seeing thousands of twinkling fairy lights it makes the world seem much more magical.


We decorated our living room this month to make it more homely, I still love walking through the door to see our happy little home in all its pettiness.

I try to visit a national trust site every week, I adore getting lost in history and wondering around beautiful homes. I get lost in the atmosphere and art work.

Jamie is away nearly every weekend so when he’s home on Sunday morning I love to get up early and make a special breakfast. We spend hours eating, reading the papers and chatting, Sunday mornings with him Carey favourite.

Playing in puddles with Dave, I’m pretty sure that most of the time I forget he is a dog and spending hours just playing and chatting with him.


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