Fitness challenge week seven, Christmas week!


Week seven was the hardest week I have had so far not because I felt like over eating or not exercising but because a lot of people don’t understand and try to add peer pressure, I felt like I spent a lot of the week having to explain myself. I decided at the start of the week to stay focused, not to deprive myself but to make better choices and remember Christmas is about friends and family not necessarily about food and drink.


I really enjoy eating better and exercising more to me this is just my lifestyle now and I can’t ever imagine going back to my unhealthy ways. I certainly never feel as if I’m missing out on anything or depriving myself in anyway. I go bed early, I don’t drink, I avoid fatty foods to me this is now just normal it’s the behaviour that makes me feel at my best. Not that my friends are not supportive they are but they just see it as depriving myself and have spent the last week trying to get me to eat and drink. Luckily I stood up for myself and my new lifestyle.

Glorious food


So as you can imagine this week has been a lot of big meals and eating out, I absolutely tried my hardest to eat the best I could. I made sure everything I ate at home was healthy and plant based. I actually did a meal plan the week before to make sure I stuck to a healthy eating plan. As for eating out I checked menus before going to each restaurant so I knew what I would be ordering to stop any last minute crazy ordering. I tried to pick fish as much as possible. I did think about vegetarian meals however I found that a lot of them were either cream or cheese based. As for family meals I made sure Jamie was always sat next to me so we could trade food when no one was looking ( so much effort had gone into the food that I didn’t want to offend anyone by not eating  ) He had my roast potatoes and pigs in blankets in exchange for his vegetables a swap we were both very happy about.


There was also lots of buffet dinners which were much easier to deal with, I avoided anything wrapped in pastry or covered in cream based sauces and completely avoided the dessert table. In fact my only real treat were winter berries and prosecco crisps which tasted like heaven luckily they are only available for Christmas.

Glorious, Glorious exercise


I honestly thought I would struggle with going the gym this week because it was only open for limited hours but I decided to put my fitness first specially with knowing I would be eating a lot more food than normal. So I arranged my week around the gym as much as possible and actually managed to get in six spin classes which is more than I would normally do. I’m not going to tell you it was easy because it wasn’t, I definitely didn’t want to go on boxing day but I dragged my butt there and have been lucky enough to have lost 2lbs this week which has made the hard work worth it.


Because I only had one rest day this week I made sure I had a protein shake after each workout to stop me injuring myself and to help me recover that little bit faster not to mention that they are yummy.

Goals for week eight

  1. Keep drinking more water.
  2. Don’t eat rubbish over New year and stay away from Christmas left overs.
  3. Do some exercise everyday, even a walk counts.
  4. Keep staying away from alcohol.


Those glorious feelings

I am really proud of myself this week, this is the first Christmas ever that I’ve not gained weight and been absolutely greedy. I set a goal and I have stuck to it. Most importantly I don’t have to start over again, there will be no extra Christmas pounds to lose and no dragging myself to the gym in January. This is now my healthy lifestyle that makes me feel amazing and full of energy. I have eaten a lot of meat this week which I’m not to happy about but I will be going meatfree for a bit now as I’m feeling sluggish which I don’t like.



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