Sweet sweet date night


Jamie spends more time away than at home at the moment so the time we do get to spend together is really important to us and something we both treasure. So when I suggested decorating some baked goods I made I knew he would do it with me and most importantly I knew we would make a massive mess and giggle loads.


I baked some Christmassey  biscuits and cupcakes ready for us to decorate, I warn you now we aren’t very talented when it comes to icing but we are certainly trying.


We covered our dining table with icing, buttercream, sweets and treats and set to work trying to out do each other.


I started small with some biscuits, I really have the icing skills of a six year old.


The table got a little tense and a lot scary! We are incredibly competitive with each other and tried so many ways to put each other off in a bid to be crowned icing champion of the world, well at least our home.


My favourite cupcake was my little green monster. ( I did warn you we were really, really bad ) ( really, really bad ).


We had such a wonderful evening and it was a great way to spend an evening together without spending lots of money or having to brave the winter air. Most importantly we had plenty to eat over a cup of tea.


Not forgetting we got to have Dave on the date with us. Think he was trying to make mummy jealous ( and it worked a little ) We snuggled altogether on the sofa put Miracle on 34th street on and ate our treats til we all nodded off.




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