Pretty powis castle


Ok I am a terrible, terrible blogger I wanted to show you around this beautiful castle unfortunately I forgot to check if I could take pictures inside and unfortunately I couldn’t but I have lots of pictures of the gardens.


First things first on my way to mid Wales I saw for the first time some of the terrible flooding the country has experienced in the last month. Honestly it was scary driving through it, I can’t imagine how awful it must be for everyone who lives in the affected areas.

WP_20151214_392 Despite the awful weather ( luckily it was still warm, just really wet ) I enjoyed a day at Powis Castle, I’m still obsessed with my national trust membership ( I feel really middle-aged right now ) I am super excited for warm summer days and picnics in some of their wonderful homes and gardens.


Presents for good children.


I was really sad I couldn’t take pictures inside because honestly it was so beautiful and ridiculously over the top, nearly every surface was painted in the most incredibly indulgent images with such vivid colours. I highly recommend that you take a trip and experience it for yourself.


The day was incredibly strange and a little creepy, the gardens are set below the castle so from every part of the grounds you can see the big towering castle ( it actually looks rather menacing, especially in the darkness of winter ). I was also the only person in the gardens it reminded me of a screen from Bram Storkers Dracula when they are wondering around outside in the dark. I’m such a girl that I kept looking back over my shoulder.


There was even creepy fog surrounding the grounds.


The gardens were so pretty and you would sense that Autumn is ending, it’s as if nature is getting ready in its comfy pjs for a long nap.


Although this is clearly a peacock I keep mistaken it for a turkey.


I had such a lovely day, this blog post was a little all over the place so I found some actual factual information about the castle here and here .



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