Goodbye Autumn

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Today is officially the last day of Autumn, which I’m really sad about. Autumn is by far my favourite season there is something seriously magical about the changing colours of nature. Now if you read my blog you will know im ridiculously happy and incredibly thankful for every little thing that puts a smile on my face. You and check out what made me happy in November here and here.


By far the thing that made me happiest during Autumn was getting engaged to this handsome chap. Jamie is my best friend and I’m so excited to be marrying him. At the moment we are really enjoying be engaged and celebrating that. But I am not so secretly looking forward to starting to plan our wedding.


Autumn is the prettiest season purely for the rainbow of colours that emerge all around us. How incredibly beautiful are these colours it is like walking through an ever-changing painting.


We adopted Bambi and Thumper, these pictures were from their first day in their new home, we have had the girls for six weeks now and they are so much bigger now and little naughty girls. Bambi is definitely a daddy’s girl and Thumper is a wild child.


Dave especially loves Autumn because he can chase hundreds of leaves and after the heat of the summer he enjoys the cool air that Autumn brings with it.


More Autumn nature! Pettiness!


I always thing that it feels most like Autumn once you start seeing pumpkins everywhere, Halloween is definitely one of my favourite holidays. What is not to love about a holiday where you can paint your face and get free candy. We also discovered that Dave absolutely loves pumpkins and goes crazy for them.



Six weeks ago I started my fitness challenge in an attempt to change my lifestyle and improve my health. And I’m feeling amazing and thought if I started in the Autumn and worked really hard that by summer I will be really happy with my body and will be able to wear some cute dresses. Although getting up in the dark and cold to go the gym is extremely hard.


Leaves, leaves, leaves as soon as the leaves drop I turn into a big kid and basically run through the streets kicking up leaves and skipping along.


Jamie is away so much so every minute we get to spend together we make sure it’s fun and wonderful. This is technically our first year together so technically our first Autumn together and honestly I can’t have found a better partner in crime and he does all the silly stuff I love doing like second hand book shopping, Christmas markets and afternoon tea without ever complaining or letting me go alone.


Beautiful Autumn sunrises.


Autumn really is an amazing season because it has all the best holidays in it. Like bonfire night which is a lovely night of fireworks and toffee apples while being wrapped up super super warm. This picture of me was taken a week before I started my fitness challenge and I can tell in my face that I’ve lost weight ( this makes me so happy ).


I started my Christmas celebrations on the first of December because why not! Without all the Christmas treats and sparkly lights December would be long, cold and dark so why not add some glitter to the start of winter. I’m super excited to share some Christmas moments with you.



  1. December 22, 2015 / 12:07 am

    I am so jealous of how nature changes colors! It doesn’t change so much here in Los Angeles! You take amazing pictures! Happy Holidays!

    • December 22, 2015 / 6:58 pm

      I’m so jealous you live in a LA! But I would miss snow for sure Thank you so much and just hope you are having a lovely Christmas

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