Fitness challenge week six


Week six of my fitness challenge is all done and dusted and I’m super proud of myself, I am half way through my fitness challenge and I feel awesome. Not to mention I have managed to dodge every Christmas treat and biscuit flying around the office. I have even managed to side step all those Christmas drinks. If you are new to my little corner of the internet you can check out what I’m talking about here.

Glorious food


Despite it being December the weather is unseasonably warm, luckily for me, as I haven’t felt the need for those winter comfort foods and am able to still eat a lot of raw fresh foods. Since having meat last week after some crazy cravings I’m back to not wanting it again and to not being bothered again. The best part of my diet this week has been my water intake I have managed to drink at least three litres every single day, I’m still forcing myself to do it but hopefully it will become second nature soon.


On Friday night it was my works Christmas party ( which I planned into my diet a week in advance ). The night was dinner followed by a bar crawl. Being a good girl and staying focused I just went out for dinner, now I could have ordered better but I decided to order what I wanted because I knew the portions were smaller than a average meal out. And instead of drinking alcohol I only drank water and as the girls went on to the bars I went home for a green tea. I’m not going to lie I don’t think any of them really understood why I didn’t want to drink or stay out and despite some extreme peer pressure I stuck to my guns.

Glorious, Glorious exercise!


So last week I tried spin class for the first time in my life, you can read about my first experience here . It’s safe to stay I’m hooked, I have been to every morning class this week, I tried cardio using a bike on my own but gave up after eight minutes.

With it being Christmas week next week my gym isn’t open as much but I have written myself a strict fitness routine to keep me focused.


I have found these workouts online and more importantly I can do them at home, after all some exercise is better then no exercise.

Goals for week seven!

  1. Keep drinking more water.
  2. Stay away from Christmas rubbish.
  3. Do some exercise everyday.
  4. Stay away from alcohol.


This glorious feelings

This week has been a lot easier than I thought it would be with all the Christmas temptations. Still staying focused on the fact that I am a adult who can buy chocolate whenever I want, all year round so I don’t need to shove it all in my mouth in one month.


I found this on instagram and have fell in love if it, I would never want to give up mine and Jamie’s Thursday morning cake routine EVER!


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