House to home!


Me and Jamie spent the weekend decorating our living room/dining room with a little help from family. I moved in with Jamie six months ago and to say I was moving into a bachelor pad is a under statement. Everything he owned was either black or grey and his living room was a full size pool table. Now I’m not a crazy girlfriend and I never said we had to decorate so you can imagine how excited I was ( on the inside ) when he announced we should decorate. Not that I don’t like black or grey but seriously it’s depressing living in it so we decided to go light.


Living area before ( sorry I’m a bad blogger I never even considered taking before pictures ) Black pool table, black sideboard and red accessories, perfect for a bachelor not so good for me.


Our home now, how cute is this bird wallpaper! We looked for weeks for wallpaper we both liked and this is what we decided on.



We found the perfect size dining table on eBay and this coffee table from the same seller. Jamie sourced all the furniture for us knowing my love for shabby chic ( did I mention I have the best boyfriend in the whole world, sorry fiance ).


I have had the bookcase for about 20 years and started its life black until I discovered Annie Solan chalk paint and over the years it’s been ten different colours. We found this display cabinet and matching sideboard on line which are oak with a sage green finish.


We are super excited to spend Christmas in our new room and are working on ideas for the rest of the house. Including the kitchen that we are half way through decorating at the moment.

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour and I promise with the next room I will take better pictures.




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