A medieval Christmas


Over the weekend despite the weather ( England has been suffering with such awful flooding and storms in the last couple of weeks ) I wanted to do something christmassey. Last year I didn’t celebrate at all, I was in such a different mentality that I didn’t feel like celebrating and was a bit of a humbug.


Back to my weekend, I am still absolutely loving my national trust app, I feel like such a grown up now I am a member of the trust. So I checked to see what was on near me and the magical words medieval Christmas popped up.


I braved the rain and the wind and stepped back in time at Chirk castle and as soon as I stepped into the castles courtyard I was greeted by the master of the land ( I think I was more amazed by the fact he looked like Santa).


He was so lovely and we chatted for ages, I always mention just how incredibly friendly and helpful national trust staff are. I love that he did a selfie with me, totally Santa right?


I am sorry for the serious amount of pictures in this blog post, believe me I have edited the number twice already. ( You may want to make yourself a cup of tea and grab a snack)  The courtyard was full of actors in medieval costume going about their business.


There was also some medieval crafts going on and little stalls selling little goodies. My favourite bit was that there was wood burning around the yard just filled the air with a lovely Smokey wood smell which reminded me of being a kid and camping.


Honestly I have turned into just a big kid, just the sight of a Christmas tree and I go weak at the knees.


The inside of the castle was absolutely stunning, I didn’t expect it to be an actual house. The castle was completed in 1310 and became the home you can visit today hundreds of years later. I am super proud of our British history and love that there is so much of it still in tact.


I don’t want to show you too much of the interior because it is truly worth a visit, I will be back in the spring to have a another look around and have a proper look around the gardens and grounds.


Because of the weather I didn’t spend too much time outside, but I did want to get some pictures to share with you so I braved the cold until my hands were too cold to function properly.

Winter officially starts next week and the last of the pretty Autumn colours are slowly fading away.


Isn’t she pretty!


All done now, sorry about the overload of pictures but I was so excited about this place that I really wanted to share my day with you, I can’t believe that it’s Christmas next week I have so much I want to fit in before the big day.


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