Fitness challenge week five!


Week five of my fitness challenge is all done and dusted and I’m exhausted but strangely enough I feel amazing at the same time. If you are new to my little corner of the internet you can check out what the check I’m talking about here. With all the temptations of Christmas treats EVERYWHERE I’m trying to stay super focused.

Glorious food


So for the first time since starting my fitness challenge I allowed myself a cheat day, mainly because I was worried about undoing all my good work but I didn’t, in fact I wasn’t really very bad at all I just had a roast pork roll and cake and custard and that filled me up nicely. But I have to admit by dinner time I was craving some vegetables. My next cheat day will be Christmas day and my only rule will be not to over eat.

For the first four weeks I didn’t eat any meat but this week I have had two portions of meat and that was because my body craved it so much luckily those feelings have now passed. I definitely don’t want to deprive myself of what my body wants.


I made the most incredible breakfast over the weekend which was a lovely treat to be able to have a lazy morning eating and reading the papers. I absolutely love the fact that now I’m eating better I eat twice as much as I used to and never feel tired or have that over full feeling.



Glorious, Glorious exercise


So this week I thought I would give spin class a try, I have been wanting to try it for a good couple of years now but have been petrified mainly because whenever I’ve seen it on tv it looked so hard. And I can safely say that it was ten times worse than I ever imagined, I couldn’t walk or sit for the first day after class. But I went back and did another two classes, by far a much more fun way to fit cardio into your workout..


As always I have been out at least once a day for at least an hour with dave, so I know if I can’t make it to the gym for whatever reason I will always get at least an hour of exercise a day. I want to use the gym over the winter to build up my fitness so in the summer me and Dave can go running along the country lanes together.


Goals for week six!

  1. Keep drinking more water.
  2. Stay away from Christmas rubbish.
  3. Try a new class at the gym.
  4. Be better at meal preparation.



Those glorious feelings

I have been super good at drinking lots of water this week, I hate water and am a little bit proud of myself for drinking two litres a day. So far I have lost 8lbs and a dress size sometimes I wish it was more but than I remind myself I’m not even half way through my challenge yet and 8lbs is better than gaining 8lbs.

At the moment I’m staying super focused on not going Christmas mad and eating everything in sight because it’s Christmas. I keep reminding myself that I am an adult and can buy chocolate all year round. I have made a good and exercise plan for the next three weeks so that I stay on track.





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