The most wonderful time of year.


Welcome back to part two of my Manchester Christmas fun, if you missed part one you can take a peek here


Do you ever just look at pictures of yourself and think what is going on with that face, is that really what I look like! Ok vanity aside I had my hair chopped off a couple of days ago for the greater good of growth. And dyed super blonde ( which I’m not loving, specifically when I’m make up free )


Ok enough rambling, back to Manchester’s Christmas markets. I had never noticed before but Jamie pointed on that Santa looks like zippy ( from rainbow, YouTube it if under the age of 30, man I’m old ) in a Santa outfit.


The markets were filled with all my favourite foods! My personal favourite which I will be trying to recreate was a massive piece of chocolate cake, dipped in chocolate and decorated with marshmallows, yummy. We bought a ridiculous amount of sweets and chocolate but it is Christmas after all.


This was Jamie’s face pretty much all day, I thought I had a sweet tooth but this man thinks chocolate, sour sweets, cake, ice cream and custard are the five food groups!


Although not christmasy I couldn’t resist a little stop and look around Cath Kidston ( purely for decorating inspiration as we are redoing our home ).


He doesn’t look over impressed!


Because I am absolutely that girlfriend who makes their boyfriend stand in public for silly pictures.


I highly recommend heading to your nearest Christmas market to get yourself into the Christmas mood and sample the wonderful delights they have on offer. I’m already trying to fit in a few more trips before Christmas because I just can’t get enough of that Christmas feeling.


We couldn’t go home without stopping for a cheeky German beer, I opted for a cherry beer which was extremely sickly but yummy at the same time. By the end of the day I was absolutely exhausted and ready for a hot bath and my Christmas pjs. I’m so excited for Christmas now!


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