That Christmas feeling


Christmas is my favourite time of year, there is something wonderfully magical about the world in December, and I fully embrace the whole experience from the bad jumpers to the ridiculous about of food I eat.


Earlier this week I was messing around my bedroom trying on all my fabulous new Christmas jumpers ( this pug Santa is by far my favourite ) when Jamie suggested a trip into Manchester to eat our way around the Christmas markets.


As you can imagine I was running out of the door before Jay could even finish his sentence. We decided on jumping on the train so we could both have a Christmas beer. I know a lot of people complain about trains in England but I love them and would absolutely hate a country without them! So I look ridiculously tired in this picture because I went to my first spin class a few hours earlier and it killed me ( but I will tell you more about that in my next fitness challenge post ).


Naturally the first thing we did was head to the first food stall, which happened to be a hog roast ( this is the first bit of meat ive eaten in six weeks, it’s was yummy but I can safely say I don’t miss meat ).


Insert rude meat comment here!


This is my favourite pub in Manchester, I absolutely love it in the summer. Manchester has the most incredible architecture and I’m always coming across building and streets I had no idea existed.


We wrapped up super warm and to our surprise ( Britain has been hit by some awful storm weather ) it was an extremely warm to the point of having to strip all our layers off. I was slightly disappointed, I was hoping for that fresh winter air and a dusting of snow, you know that magical Christmas weather.


Still having a rumble in our bellies we followed our noses to strudel, I had a lovely cherry strudel and hot custard. ( today was my cheat day and I decided to allow myself three treats )  I’m Sat here in my Christmas pjs writing this post and I desperately want some strudel right now ( think I will have to find a good recipe) until then I will just have to drool of the picture.


I literally looked everywhere I smelt something Christmassey, I must have looked like a confused puppy.


Naturally after a morning of walking and eating we developed a thirst that only mulled wine could fill. ( I don’t even like mulled wine but it makes me feel like a grown up when I drink it ). I adore these Manchester Christmas market mugs.

I took so many pictures that I spilt this post into two parts, ( naturally I didn’t want to bore you to sleep too soon ) look out for post two this afternoon 😁


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