Fitness challenge week three!!


Week three is all done and I’m feeling better than I could have ever imagined after such a short amount of time! You can take a peek at week two here  This could possibly be the best thing I’ve done for myself ever!

Glorious food


I have eaten like a saint all week, I’ve not craved or been tempted by any bad foods, not even when the chocolates have been passed around the office. I now haven’t eaten meat or fish products in three weeks, this wasn’t a conscious decision to become vegetarian, I just listened to what my body wanted and in all honesty I don’t miss anything if anything I have more energy and less spots so absolutely have no plans to start eating meat again.


I have eaten out five times this week and each time I have made the best choices possible, the biggest change I’ve made while eating out is ordering water to drink instead of sugary soft drinks.

Glorious, Glorious exercise!


I have been the gym an incredible six times in the last week, I’m addicted and I love it. I have started weight lifting which gives you such a high feeling ( well at least til you try and climb stairs ) I have met with a personal trainer who has set out a workout plan for me, I will be seeing him every Monday morning.


I spent a wonderful weekend walking around the peak district. It also made me realise that it is time to quit smoking and focus all my energy on getting fit and happy.

Goals for week four!

  1. DRINK MORE WATER! I am seriously lacking in drinking enough water to the point I have noticed myself getting a lot of headaches.
  2. Try a class at the gym.
  3. Allow myself a little treat once a week.
  4. Try drinking some green tea.
  5. Don’t give up! This glorious feelings.


Those glorious feelings


Cutting out all the rubbish from my diet has improved my confidence ten folds, I feel like a totally different woman. To the point that I want to keep this feeling, I want to keep making the right choices. I’m so happy that during a girls night out over the weekend I decided not to have any alcohol instead I had a couple of low sugar energy drinks and water, my diet wasn’t ruined and I was able to go the gym the next morning. I have noticed my skin and hair are in much better condition and with my extra confidence I’m walking taller. Jamie has commented this week about how much more confident I am, it’s a lovely feeling.

According to the scales I’ve last 4lbs in the three weeks, however my clothes tell me I’ve lost a dress size. So I’m trying not to focus on the scales and honestly if there had been no physical change I would have continued on this journey because the mental changes are changing my world.


Bring on week four!!!!!!!


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