Sunday stroll


For me Sunday’s are made for eating with the ones you love, and if you are anything like me you eat way too much because nothing beats a Sunday dinner but then you find yourself in one of two positions. Either falling asleep on the sofa all warm and full or finding that little bit of energy to go walk it off.


After the first snow of the season over the weekend I thought I better get off my bottom and enjoy the last moments of Autumn before it’s too cold to venture out.


Me and Jamie were going to take Dave for a walk around the peak district, but Dave’s been a poorly puppy so Jamie stayed home with him while I enjoyed some peace and quiet. One of my favourite things about living in Britain is you are never far from the beautiful countryside, here I am half an hours drive outside Manchester and you would never know we are so close to the city.


I’m super glad I found the energy to go, the scenery and views were absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. I can’t believe Autumn is nearly over, this year has flown by so quick.


I found myself at Lyme park, where parts of pride and prejudice were filmed ( I totally pretended to be Elizabeth Bennett all day ) unfortunately I didn’t bump into Mr Darcy.


The house is now closed for winter ( this gives me a very good reason to go back in the spring ) the grounds are more than enough to keep everyone entertained for a whole day.


Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know I’m a terrible day dreamer, especially when it comes to wondering around before Stanley home.


I must have spent a good four hours just wandering around taking in the last of the Autumn air and enjoying the views of the snow topped mountains. And if that wasn’t good enough on my way home back to the warmth I was treated to a beautiful sunset.


Autumn has been extremely good to us, I hope winter is just as beautiful. How do you like to enjoy your Sunday afternoons?


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