Stepping back in time

WP_20151118_9200If someone had told me last November that in a years time I would be ridiculously happy, settled down with a house full of animals and spending my free time visiting historical homes around Britain I would have fallen down laughing. But fast forward a year and that’s exactly how my life is.


After what has been a glorious start to Autumn Britain has finally started turning cold and has spent the last couple of days being hit by storms, rain and terrible winds, not ready to give in to the cold just yet. I wrapped up warm, hoped into my car and headed off into the distance to find something to do on a rainy day.



And I found this little beauty, Speke hall is a stunning Tudor house with a bit of a twist it’s full if Victorian furniture.  All Tudor homes are pretty from the outside but this house is stunning inside. Desperate to get out of the rain I headed inside to dry off.


Where I was met by this friendly Tudor who was absolutely wonderful, he told me lots about the house ( I think I must have slept through every history lesson at school ). I’m yet to visit any of Britain’s beautiful houses and find less than helpful staff which is a wonderful feeling. After giggling away for nearly a hour I decided to take a peek round.



Every room had a member of staff who wanted to talk about why their room was the best. Honestly it was like stepping back in time and use was eager to learn all about the houses colourful history.


I don’t want to give too much away because this is truly a stunning house and if you are anywhere near Liverpool it is really worth a visit.


With the rain finally starting to stop I hoped back outside to explore some more of the grounds ( that’s my I have learnt something smile )



Although I never saw my life being like this I could never change it, I’m ridiculously happy all of the time and I could Ulf never of dreamt of a more perfect life. As I’m writing this post me and Jamie are looking at places to visit over Christmas, I’m like a small happy child.


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