Helloooooo Monday!

1d4c9d57837bb77b202f2a687bbc0ec8Good Monday to you! Monday is by far my must productive day of the week, one in which I start with a two hour workout. I try never to miss my Monday workout, if I do then I forget all about the gym and eating healthy til next Monday. And today is extra special, today I am starting a new job one that I’m excited about and terrified out of my mind in equal measures. I have done the same kind of job for the last 15 years and this is a completely different career path for me and a pay cut so big I still get a tear in my eye when I think about it.

I spent my twenties living a no regrets kinda of life, which I loved and have absolutely no regrets about but I have to admit I thought I would be dead or a groupie for a aging 80s rock band by now. So as you can imagine I didn’t really have a long term plan I just lived everyday without a care in the world. Then along came Jamie who has turned my life around and around and upside down and made me realise my worth so here we are now starting a new job.

So as you can imagine I didn’t spend too much time sleeping last night, just worrying that I might be making a massive mistake, or what if no one likes me or what if I can’t do the job. How are you spending your Monday? If you are having a Monday like me then here is some quotes to get you through today and if you do manage to survive Monday give yourself a little treat tonight.



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