WP_20151109_1878Over the weekend England honoured and remembered all those whom have sacrificed themselves to protect our freedom with remembrance Sunday. This is the Sunday nearest to the 11th November which marks the end of the first world war.

WP_20151109_7293Me and Jamie couldn’t think of a better way for us to remember the fallen then a trip to see what it would have been like being in a first world war hospital.
2015-11-12_20.41.09The very beautiful Dunham Massey has spent the last two years recreating Stamford military hospital. From April 1917 to January 1919, Dunham Massey was the Stamford Military Hospital. It had been offered to the Red Cross by its owner, Penelope, Lady Stamford. Its role was to provide sanctuary to soldiers whose injuries, whilst not life threatening, were of sufficient gravity to require medical care.

Dunham-624x402 article-2508275-196D04B700000578-440_634x464Original pictures from the hospital during the war, as you walked around actors would pop up in character playing out a scene. We enjoyed the experience so much we went through a second time. ( unfortunately this has now ended )

WP_20151109_4617This could possibly be one of the oddest things I have ever seen, it appears to be invisible doctors performing a invisible surgery on the invisible man.

WP_20151109_1263The national trust has the most passionate, friendliest members of staff I have ever encountered with each of them excited to talk to every single person about the estates history.

WP_20151109_4607WP_20151109_7196After three hours of smiling around the house/hospital we decided we had finally seen and watched on in awe enough and should probably let somebody else enjoy it.

WP_20151109_1620But not before finding my favourite room in the house!

WP_20151109_4918Despite the awful looking weather ( it looks far worse than it actually was ) we spent hours wandering around the gardens and grounds chatting away and drinking coffee.

WP_20151109_8168-2WP_20151109_2961I could not have asked for a more perfect day and it was a lovely way for us to mark remembrance Sunday.

WP_20151109_7886Eventually a little cold and hyped up on coffee we made it back to the car, we giggled all the way home before crashing with a movie and take away.



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