Autumn sunshine

WP_20151109_7808I pack my days off with as many activities as humanly possible, I wake up ridiculously earlier ready to take on the world so imagine how my happy smiling face soon turned into a frown when I pulled back my curtains to see pouring rain and big grey clouds. Not ready to stay inside and give into the miserable winter months, I wrapped up warm and jumped into my car.

WP_20151109_3624Not knowing where to go I just drove and before I knew it I was at the England/Wales border. And there in the distance was just what I was looking for, a beautiful golden light shining down on Wales. I drove until I caught a glimpse of a tourist sign and before I knew it i was at Erddig house.

WP_20151109_3872I jumped out of my car, stripped off half my layers and skipped along to this beautiful house.

WP_20151109_2420Look how happy I am ( I was pretty pleased with myself for finding sunshine )

WP_20151109_2259The horses are in love! This is about my skill level of horse riding.

WP_20151109_3931With it being the winter months for the national trust only part of the house is open, however the part that is open is well worth a visit and has some lovely story’s about servants and grounds keepers that worked at the estate.

WP_20151109_7982WP_20151109_6263Not wanting to miss what seems to be the last moments of the nice weather, I headed outside for a nice long walk and took in some crisp Autumn air.

WP_20151109_475I met some friends that I was quackers back.

WP_20151109_3328Some serious sky porn!

WP_20151109_9299And some even more serious nature porn!

WP_20151109_5326For the first time in my life I am seriously dreading winter and being stuck indoors, if someone had told me this time last year that I would be sad about spending winter indoors I would have rolled around on the floor laughing. What a difference a year makes.

WP_20151109_3758What do you like to do with your days off?



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