Remember, remember the fifth of November!

6tag-198056809-1113277049987680846_198056809You know those weekends when you are so busy that you look forward to Monday’s just so you can rest. ( ok so maybe not look forward to mondays, but I was incredibly busy all weekend ).

2015-11-09_18.56.40I did however manage to squeeze in some fireworks and possibly the biggest bonfire I have ever seen.

6tag-522177720-1113305591229088878_522177720Bonfire night is absolutely one of my favourite nights of the year, what’s not to love a cosy bonfire, fireworks, funfair and doughnuts.

6tag-241365710-1113287802059693304_241365710For all my lovely readers who are wondering what the heck I am going on about. The tradition of Guy Fawkes-related bonfires actually began the very same year as the failed coup. The Plot was foiled in the night between the 4th and 5th of November 1605. Already on the 5th, agitated Londoners who knew little more than that their King had been saved, joyfully lit bonfires in thanksgiving. As years progressed, however, the ritual became more elaborate.

6tag-2268185695-1113259177587433790_2268185695If you want to find out more about Guy Fawkes have a little peek here

6tag_071115-215003We enjoyed the warmth of the bonfire for hours while munching our way through bags and bags of doughnuts, absolutely the perfect way to spend a Saturday night. ( My camera decided it didn’t want to play along after the excitement of the fireworks ).

6tag_071115-223253Feeling a little delicate from all the fairground rides and maybe from the number of doughnuts we consumed we headed off home to snuggle up with movie and hot chocolate.

6tag-275258361-1113327006599383757_275258361I’m already excited for the next fifth of November!


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