Autumn on fire

WP_20151103_8421Usually by November I’m happily starting my yearly hibernation ritual, but not this year! In England we are enjoying an unusually warm Autumn, so warm in fact I’m still walking around in a t-shirt ( there were days during the summer, when I had to dress as if it was winter ). Excited by the sunshine, I jumped in the car and headed out of town to Biddulph grange gardens to soak up some of the late Autumn warmth

WP_20151103_5723Although you can not visit the house you can certainly day dream about living there while wandering around its beautiful 19th century Victorian gardens. ( Now I know im not the only one who does this, right??? ).

WP_20151103_745Extremely happy and smiley I put my arms out and twirled down this beautiful tree lined avenue, well I did til I looked up and saw I was being watched, I let out a little giggle and skipped off. I mean the best bit of being an adult is that you can act childish.

WP_20151103_4113WP_20151103_7075With the sun shining brightly the Autumn colours in the garden came alive and I soaked up the whole atmosphere.

WP_20151103_6349By far my favourite garden was this beautiful hidden Chinese garden, which just glowed an incredible bright red. All day I kept catching glimpses of the top of a tree that was so bright and beautiful it looked on fire. I had been wandering around for hours and had not stumbled upon it, I had ducked through tunnels and caves, under bridges and over streams and still no tree.

WP_20151103_8783Eventually I found a tunnel and went from 19th century Victorian garden to a traditional Chinese garden, it was like being transported to a stunning wonderland.

WP_20151103_3346I told you it was beautiful! Absolutely worth the wait. I spent some time basking in the light as it came through the leaves.

WP_20151103_898As well as sneaking in some selfies ( I know, but couldn’t help myself )


Sorry about the picture overload but I fell crazy in love with the setting and desperately wanted to share it with you.

WP_20151103_134WP_20151103_3316Eventually I left to explore some more of the gardens and get a better view.

WP_20151103_4372Which I found! There are so many hidden pathways and steps it would be easy to miss a lot of the gardens, but with the sun giving out some lovely warm rays and an a whole day free I wasn’t in a rush to leave.


I am constantly taking pictures for inspiration, at the moment me and Jamie are drawing up plans for redoing the garden so we can start growing more fruits and vegetables, at the same time I want a garden that will be colourful all year round. ( Not to mention I am absolutely awful at plant names, if you know the names of these two beauties please let me know ). These will most definitely making it into our new garden.
WP_20151103_2546With the sun setting, I grabbed a coffee and started very slowly walking back to my car. I had such a lovely time I will definitely be heading back once I emerge from my winter hibernation.

Autumn you have been extremely kind to us,  please please let it continue.

WP_20151103_3922I know, I know another selfie but thought I would share my big smile from the day before heading off home.


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