6tag-295871856-531081066020931480_295871856One topic I am ridiculously passionate about is how beautiful every single person is, with my biggest hate in this world being how casually some people put others down without a second thought.

2015-10-29_18.52.26I have been a 100lbs heavier, 50lbs lighter, I’ve had a rainbow of different hair colours, I’m covered in tattoos, I hate my stomach but love my legs, I’m never ever naked in front of anybody! I have stretch marks, scars and cellulite, I love my eyes but think my lips are too small, I bleach my hair, wear false nails but try to stay out of the sun. I eat healthy, go the gym but smoke. I’m worried about wrinkles but love my laughter lines and worst of all I would change everything if I could!

2015-10-29_21.00.38But why? I’m healthy, smart, passionate, funny and hard working but I turn into a shy retiring teenager when I walk into a room full of beautiful women, what happened to make me hate the way I look so much? And worse I’m not the only person who feels this way.


Recently a stunning friend of mine changed the colour of her hair and admitted to me she was worried what others would say about it ( she looked as stunning as she ever did ). After her first day back at work she rang me to inform me that most people liked it, however five people felt the need to make a joke or tell her they didn’t like it and naturally these were the opinions she remembered. This is something I’m very familiar with, until recently I had been in the same male oriented job for the last 12 years and the number of people who felt the need to comment in a negative way on my appearance was disgusting. With the biggest talking point being my weight, I gained weight and I was fat and not looking after myself, I lost weight and I looked ill or even worse people would start talking about how fat and disgusting I was before as if with the weight lose I had lost my feelings.

6tag-295871856-451671183035532915_295871856Its time to stop this bullying, it’s time to fight back because we are all beautiful, we all have feelings and all have a soul. Now I know not everybody feels this way but after asking people on social media about how they feel about their bodies and a surprising number of people felt or had felt at some point  in their lives that they were ugly, fat or unattractive to others.


It’s time to love yourself again, could you imagine your eight year old self worrying about a stranger telling you they didn’t like your hair or your bum was too big. No course you did not, you were too busy having fun and trying to find ice cream.  It’s time that you realised you are magical, you are someone’s slice of heaven and YOU decide how you feel. Not to mention that now that you are a adult you can eat as much ice cream as humanly possible.

270963944a1bff36a6283a292a8b9d49If you do one thing for yourself after reading this, I suggest you march that cute butt to the nearest mirror and stand there, repeating to that sweet face ” I am beautiful” until you believe it. Now I know, believe me I know it’s not that easy but you will be surprised what a positive impact it will have on your day, you will walk away from that mirror, standing a little taller with a smile. Now the next person you see will more than likely smile back, which in turn will make you smile a little more and before you know it the day will be over and you will feel a little better.


So please remember you are not too fat or too skinny. You are not too old or too wrinkly. Your nose isn’t too big and your boobs aren’t too small. You are not ugly or stupid. This body of yours no matter what shape or size has carried you around your whole life. It’s taken you places, enabled you to explore the world. Picked you up when you have fallen down. Fought through colds and flu, broken bones and worse broken hearts. Even though you put it down it keeps on going, it keeps on loving you. Keeps on working the best it can. Through the good and the bad your heart has kept beating. It will take you through to the very end. What a wonderful clever thing it is.









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