Octobers happy little things

6tag_141015-114146There isn’t a single day that I don’t feel truly happy and blessed, and it’s not because I’m lucky or have everything I ever possibly dreamed of its because I love what I have. If you want to be happy just look around you and see all the wonderful little things in your world. Here is just some of my happiness in October.

2015-10-24_18.59.52The sky on fire, nothing on this earth matches the beauty of a pretty sunrise or sunset. I get such a beautiful feeling of home whenever I see a sunset, it reminds me of everyone I love being safe in their homes.

Silly faces with Jamie, there is nothing on this earth that together we couldn’t tackle or handle. He is truly my strength and world, and there is nothing that we can’t laugh about or joke our way through.

Zoo trip, I was super lucky enough to get to spend the day at the zoo with my papa bear and my grand papa, earlier this year I lost my grandmother to cancer which has made my family closer than ever and we certainly value our time together even more. Being at the zoo reminded me of our family trips there as a child and I got to eat just as much ice cream.

Getting fresh flowers, I’m certainly not one of those people who think flowers are a waste of money, they smell nice, look pretty and bring warmth to your home. What’s not to love about them.

2015-10-24_19.00.49Time baking cakes, I find it so relaxing and in such a busy world it’s lovely to make something from scratch. I’m not going to lie tho, the best part about baking is the eating what you have just made and in our home you are lucky to grab a piece specially when Jamie is around.

Lay ins, enough said about that!

The two new additions to our families happy little world are Bert and Ernie ( Bert is on the left ) We won these two beautiful boys at a local traveling fair and they are as much a part of our family than any of us. I love these little suckers!

Early nights reading, to me this a totally indulgent use of time and I love it. Sometimes I enjoy a hot bath with lots of candles followed by climbing into bed with a new book and a massive mug of tea.

2015-10-24_19.02.12Spending time with my brother, Martin is one of my closest friends and despite both of us being crazy busy with work we always make time at least twice a week to spend some quality time together and catch up on our lives.

I have been extremely welcomed into Jamie’s family and I adore every minute I get to spend with them. This month was Jamie’s mums birthday and we all went out for dinner, I can safely say I’ve never laughed so much during dinner in all my life.

Good healthy food, I’m all about balance and with the amount of cake I eat, fresh healthy food is important to me. Makes my tummy all happy.

If you read my blog regularly you will know I’m obsessed with quotes, to me they are instant mood boosters.


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