Its a dog’s life for me!

WP_20151025_07_24_39_ProHello all you lovely human beings in the land of the internet, thank you for stopping by my mummies blog, it’s seems like so many naps ago that I was on here, I thought I should stop by and give my mummy the day off, she deserves it after all our big long walks.

WP_20151014_144-2Look at my glossy coat, it’s takes hours of licking to get my fur this shiny. But you never know who you might bump into on a walk out, you have to look your best. After all I might be out the same time as Roxy, she’s the most beautiful Staffordshire bull terrier I have ever wagged my tail at.

WP_20151010_12_48_02_ProAnd just to make sure I’m super cute, bath time!
WP_20151010_12_48_25_ProNow to air dry, honesty it’s hard work being this cute!

After all that effort I didn’t even get a glimpse of roxy, oh well cuddles with my mummy will do just as good.


But not before keeping an eye out for her beautiful wagging tail, I waited but it must not be her walkies time yet.

WP_20151025_15_46_23_ProMy mummy will always love me and she always makes my tail wag like crazy, sometimes it doesn’t stop wagging. WP_20151025_15_24_47_ProEventually I wagged myself into a cute nap all cuddled up on the sofa under a blanket together, luckily she didn’t snore too loud.

WP_20151025_15_40_55_ProTime for another walk and hopefully a peek at Roxy.

Thank you for stopping by and I won’t leave it so long before woofing at all lovely readers.


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  1. December 26, 2015 / 6:17 pm

    Hey DAVE! Nice ears, YOU BABY! -Magic

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