We rule the world on Mondays!

75cf67603ea013a389dae12227bb02d3I used to hate Monday’s with a passion, it symbolised the end of fun and meant I had to be a adult for another five days, then I hit the big 30 and Monday’s become my favourite day of the week. I pack as much into Monday’s as humanly possible, because I feel that if I start my week off good and goal oriented then the rest of the week will be working towards making my goals happen. This is especially true when it comes to eating healthy and going the gym, or else that terrible excuse of ” I’ll start next Monday” creeps in. So today I plan on being super women in a bid to get the most out of my week.

Here is some Monday motivation, just remember you can’t rule the world if you over sleep! So grab an extra large coffee, put on your “I mean business” outfit, wear your hair how you like it and walk into every room like you own it!



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