To the zoo we go!

WP_20151004_9184When my dad asked me if I’d like to go the zoo with him and my grandad I jumped at the chance to spend the day with them, I am the world’s biggest daddy’s girl and an even bigger Grandads girl. Although I’m highly fussy about zoos and any place that keeps animals of any size. Luckily I live super close to Chester zoo who put the welfare of their animals and conserving animals in the wild first. Zoos are a wonderful place to get the chance to experience wild animals but never at the expense of an animals health and wellbeing.

WP_20151004_9323Chester zoo opened in 1931 with one mission, to be a zoo without bars which was unheard of! And today it’s still living up to that first mission. You can read more about the zoo’s history here

WP_20151004_8489The butterfly house has to be one of my favourite exhibits, it’s like walking through a beautiful dream where hundreds of pretty coloured butterflies fly around you and all you can do is stop admire them.

WP_20151004_5246WP_20151004_2638How cute is this turtle, it looks as if it’s kissing its reflection. You can check out my turtle video here

WP_20151004_135Lots of little men in tuxedos. Penguin have to be the best dressed animals at the zoo.

WP_20151004_8717Looking more than a little happy to being at the zoo! Sorry about the amount of photos today, I just couldn’t decide which ones I loved most.

WP_20151004_2159Doesn’t he look like he has a speech bubble in front of him, I wonder what he’d say.
WP_20151004_6989WP_20151004_8360The animals went in two by two, hurrah, hurrah! The animals went in two by two, hurrah, hurrah!

What I was most looking forward to was the zoos new islands and boy they didn’t disappoint despite not having all the animals in yet. The islands are a beautiful addition to an already great zoo.

WP_20151004_8048The attention to detail is wonderful, along with the glorious sunshine it was as if we were setting foot onto the islands themself.

WP_20151004_3967WP_20151004_4929We enjoyed a ride on the new relaxing lazy riverboat ride through the islands which gave a new view point and way of seeing the animals.

WP_20151004_7852I had such a wonderful day, and I am already planning my next trip to the zoo. Most of all I am excited to see the islands once they have all the animals have been rehomed and settled.


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