Last days of summer


Still enjoying the Indian summer us Brits are having,we decided to head out and enjoy the last moments of summer with a long pretty dog walk.

WP_20151004_5987My boys looking super sexy as usual! My happy little world right there.

WP_20151004_7934Trentham gardens is one of our favourite places to take Dave, there something for all of us, shopping for me, garden centre for Jamie and hundreds of trees for Dave to pee up. And with views like this who could blame us.
WP_20151004_1952Every time we visit we find something we didn’t see on our last trip, I’m such a big fan of outside art and beautiful sculptures that it’s a like a nice little surprise whenever I see it.
WP_20151004_3939“Are you lookin at me!” Dave doesn’t feel the same about art and tried to protect me against this mean looking rhino.

Pretty flowers and blue skies these are some of my favourite things. WP_20151004_3079Bath time, Jamie knows that he’s about to get soaked. And Dave definitely knows he’s going to do it.

WP_20151004_1111Why does Autumn ever have to end, I could live in a world of just Autumn and this beautiful golden light, We enjoyed the afternoon lay in the grass giggling and snoozing, this was a wonderful way to enjoy a lazy afternoon.

WP_20151004_9146WP_20151004_1346“Come on mummy”

WP_20151004_7212As much as I love the heat of summer I’m more than excited for the start of October and winter, those dark nights curled up with a hot chocolate and a good book.


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