Septembers happy little things

Septembers happy little things

As always I’m all about life’s everyday little things, forget about waiting for the big things or wasting your week living for the weekend have a look around for those tiny little moments that put a smile on your face. Here’s what kept me smiling through September.

2015-09-28_17.07.001. Pretty flowers all around my town, im not sure if they do it every year but this year I have really noticed them and they are so colourful and sweet smelling. I’m literally stopping to smell the roses.

2. Art, I have a art degree so my life is pretty full of art on a daily basis so there is always a little smile on my face.

3. Morning cuddles with Dave, you can never wake up in a bad mood when it’s Dave waking you up. But be warned if any one else wakes me I have a bee in my bonnet for the whole morning.

4. Bath time, I’m not sure how he does it but as soon as I get comfortable in a nice bubble bath Dave breaks into the bathroom and starts drinking the water. This makes me almost drown from laughter every time he does it.

2015-09-28_17.07.465. Getting back into the gym, after a few months off I finally got my Flat bum back into it and although I really have to make the effort to go I feel amazing once I’ve been.

6. Dave, how beautiful is this face! Enough said.

7. Eating healthy, as well as going back the gym I’ve improved my diet greatly and I’m such a firm believer in you are what you eat, I’ve been eating amazing tasty foods and I feel amazing for it.

8. Ok so I’m eating healthy but sometimes you just need a treat and ice cream is always my treat. When have you ever been sad while eating ice cream?

2015-09-28_17.07.229. Finding heart shaped things, ok so it’s super girlie but finding heart shapes in everyday items makes me thing of being in love.

10. Giant ducks and birds these boats made me smile and kinda want one, although I don’t think my bath tub is big enough.

11. Cake for breakfast is the best part of being a adult and I encourage everyone to do this at least in their lives.

12. Jamie makes me laugh so much and so hard on a daily basis, nothing is ever taken serious in our home which I adore.



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