WP_20150920_18_04_49_ProI am a absolute sucker for anything that reminds me of my childhood, we didn’t have the best of everything or the latest fads but we did go on incredible adventures to the seaside, our dad always made sure we had a tummy full of doughnuts, a shirt front dipping of ice cream and sand between our toes. Even now as a adult that’s how I spend my time at the seaside.

WP_20150920_17_51_46_ProStill suffering with my eye sight and head aches Jamie treated me to one of my favourite childhood memories, Blackpool illuminations. Now I know Blackpool isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but really you are missing out, there is something for everybody here and its a wonderful place to act like a big kid I just wish we had longer here.

WP_20150920_18_03_15_ProWrapped up super warm we walked along the front ducking in and out of amusement acades, trying in vein to win a teddy bear while having a cheeky go on some of the slot machines all while people watching. I’m not sure who had more fun me or Jamie, what I do know is after a couple of hours both our cheeks were hurting from giggling so much.

WP_20150920_18_03_25_ProThere is one thing I know for absolute sure that there is no where in the world that does doughnuts quite like a British seaside town, we headed down one of Blackpools three piers for some sea air and hot doughnuts. Jamie became extremely suspicious of the seagulls over head and scuffed his super quick.

WP_20150920_19_16_27_ProWith the sun setting and me being super cold despite the hundred layers I was wearing it was time to head to the car to experience the almost six miles of lights and the tradition that has continued over 100 years.

WP_20150920_19_29_51_ProBut first despite being frozen, a sugar filled slush puppy, blue is the best flavour!

WP_20150920_20_14_59_ProThe big one!
WP_20150920_20_41_32_ProOne of the pretty lit up trams traveling by!

WP_20150920_19_47_59_ProI’m desperate to go back again before the end of the illuminations to have a ride in this light up princess carriage, I know I’m 31 but I still can pretend to be a princess, can’t I?

WP_20150925_1862Aye aye captain there be pirates!

WP_20150920_20_53_28_ProThe tower, in all her beautiful glory, must add this to my check list for our next visit.

WP_20150920_21_03_30_ProI’m late, I’m late for a very important date! Well at least a date with my bed! After a wonderful sugar filled evening full to the brim of childish giggling I was ready for my bed safe in the knowledge that Blackpool is just the way I remembered.


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