A castle and a princess

WP_20150919_12_15_50_ProOk so I’m not a princess but we definitely went to a castle and I may or may not have pretended to be a princess for the day. I absolutely adore living in England we have so much history and never live more than a hour away from beautiful scenery. This little gem is only 20 minutes from my door step.

WP_20150919_13_01_54_ProMy beautiful boys.

WP_20150919_12_27_59_ProCastle ruins and the beautiful Cheshire countryside, unfortunately the day was a little misty but the views were still breathtakingly beautiful.

WP_20150919_12_58_25_ProWP_20150919_13_00_56_ProBeeston castle is a beautiful 13th Century castle which stands on a 500 foot high cliff of red Sandstone with breathtakingly gorgeous views of Cheshire and the Welsh mountains. Legend has it that Richard the second hid his treasure here before he was killed, although no one has been able to find it yet, maybe today’s the day.


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