Autumn love

WP_20150907_19_03_42_ProI’m back, last week was a rather stressful week for me so had to take a week away from blogging and look after myself but now I’m back and super focused if not a little tired. And in that week it seems that summer left us and Autumn crept in to surprise us. And what a surprise, Autumn is by far my favourite season, everything turns this gold colour as the light changes, jumpers come out to keep you toasty and we start the season of holidays.

WP_20150907_19_09_05_ProJamie has been super wonderful looking after me while I recovered lots of tea, cake and long walks. After dinner he suggested a walk with Dave and what a beautiful evening it was, look at these colours ( No editing has been done ) Walking in this glow felt like a beautiful dream you don’t want to wake up from.

WP_20150907_19_05_53_ProDave wasn’t interested in the pretty light he just wanted to play and chase shadows.

WP_20150907_19_04_10_ProJamie showing off his manly beard in the golden light.

WP_20150907_19_04_40_ProNaturally Dave couldn’t be left out and sat patiently until I got the hint that he wanted his picture taken. I really do have a handsome family.


My happy little world.

WP_20150907_19_12_33_ProWP_20150907_19_19_24_ProI’m such a big believer in getting out of the house specially if you are not feeling yourself or are poorly, I’m not talking about carrying on with your life or completing a hike but just finding a nice little quite place and stretching your legs a little, looking after your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Next time you have 10 minutes free try a walk even if it’s just around the block and see how much better you feel.

WP_20150907_19_21_06_ProOne of my favourite pictures, Dave is definitely my best friend and gives the best cuddles.WP_20150907_19_23_30_ProDave and his daddy 

WP_20150907_19_04_52_ProWith a tired Dave and a super tired Emma it was time to head home for cuddles on the sofa.


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