Seas the day!

WP_20150905_2147We are super lucky to live less than a hour away from the nearest beach, however we aren’t so lucky with the British weather. Don’t be fooled by the blue sky and the fact it’s summer I was wrapped up in a big woolly jumper.

WP_20150905_5766We are always looking for new places to take Dave, all three of us would die of boredom if we had to walk the same route everyday. So we jumped in the car and made our way to Talacre beach in North Wales.


This lighthouse may be in need of some much needed tlc but still a beautiful sight to see in the middle of miles of flat ground. The lighthouse fell into disuse in 1884 so I’m sure we can forgive the state it’s in.

WP_20150905_3417Naturally we stopped to pose in front of it.

WP_20150905_9845I told you I had a big woolly jumper on but I think I might be the first person ever to wear wellies to a beach in summer. I’ve become a little too attached to them this summer.

WP_20150905_2165Dave spent his afternoon chasing seagulls shadows, swimming and meeting new friends.

WP_20150905_2951Despite the awful weather we had a lovely afternoon, I adore being near the sea there’s just something about the air that makes me feel happy.

On the way home I started waffling on to Jamie about an abandoned big boat that can be seen from the road, at this point he is sure I’ve had to much sea air and gone crazy so I decided to take him for a quick look and make sure I’ve not gone crazy.

WP_20150905_1971See! I knew I wasn’t crazy, in fact I can remember seeing it as a small child. The ship was docked in 1979 and was used as a tourist attraction with shops and fun zones until the council closed it and left it to fall apart.

WP_20150905_8115Recently a number of artists have been allowed to use it as a blank canvas and as a result have turned it into a wonderful large piece of art work, unfortunately you can’t get up close to it.



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