Me & my daddy

WP_20150831_2042Thank you for stopping by my mummies blog today, she’s the best mummy but I want to talk about my daddy hes my best friend and knows all my favourite places to be scratched and he’s much better at throwing sticks, mummy throws like a girl.

WP_20150831_8930There’s my daddy now taking me for a walkies, walkies makes my tail wag extra fast that I couldn’t stop it but I just get so excited.

WP_20150831_9446Daddy, daddy what’s over there?

WP_20150831_4130Look now they are holding hands and trying to do a cute picture, excuse me it’s about me.

WP_20150831_4307Look I found the dirtiest water to play in, it’s bright green and stinks really bad but I love it but don’t think my daddy will love the smell.

WP_20150831_7944Nice and stinky now that will teach them, stinky water is the best to swim in. This is my thinking pose.

WP_20150831_8790I love my daddy so much I love walks with him and secretly I can’t wait for him to bath me later just so I can jump out the bath and soak him.

My daddy likes: throwing balls, throwing sticks, long walks, smiling, giving me a bath and scratching me.

Daddies dislikes: Eating doggie biscuits, I don’t know why they are super yummy and make my tail wag, maybe it’s cause he doesn’t have a tail!

Now it’s time for a doggie treat and nap!


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