Carping on!

WP_20150831_7289I could absolutely wake up to this view every morning, Jamie sleeps with his bivvy open to allow for a quick jump out in the night and as I opened my eyes this was the view I was greeted with.

WP_20150831_1246I’m waiting to start a new job after leaving my last job of 14 years and to say I’m nervous is a understatement, so it’s doing me the world of good to be away from adult responsibilities and mobile phone reception. It’s definitely calming my mind.

WP_20150831_3393( Excuse this awful picture of me, but make up and contact lens aren’t really in line with carp fishing ) It’s lovely watching your partner do something that they love, although I don’t have much interest in carp fishing I love listening to Jamie talk about it he’s so full of passion.

WP_20150831_8872I’ve become far too attached to my wellingtons!

WP_20150831_1210Checking his rod ( tee hee ) Sorry couldn’t resist. Not looking very happy with the lack of carp action.

WP_20150831_6332Watching and waiting, waiting and watching. Apparently it’s smelling carpy, personally I can’t smell anything.

SPM_aaf642d0-d96f-4fc3-babb-943b1dfd7b64CARP CARP CARP!!! I was so happy Jamie caught a carp while I was there, they are so much bigger than I ever imagined. This is a mirror and weighs at a whooping 28lb 12oz. Turns out it really did smell carpy.

WP_20150831_1406A little bbq to celebrate, it’s amazing how many people pop up once someone catches a carp. After they saw to the carps health he was put back into the lake safe and sound and hopefully a little happier.

WP_20150831_4717That well known bbq utensil the stick, I’m told it adds to the flavour.

WP_20150831_1041It rained 95% of the time I was there so naturally as we headed home the sun came out! I’ve enjoyed my time fishing much more than I ever thought possible and am already planning my next trip and next time I think I will definitely be trying to catch myself a carp.


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